Monday, September 28, 2009

1965 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

This is a unique collector owned Mustang and must be seen and driven to be appreciated. If you want to add something special to your stable this is it. You may not find another one like this. This Mustang received its first restoration years ago. Much equipment was added to address the handling shortcomings of a mid 60’s car. This is a genuine GT Mustang fastback and it has never been in any accidents. Sometime after the original restoration, this Mustang was used as a model for a lithograph which was available to the public for purchase. This was before the internet, so I don't have a copy of the print but if someone out there does please let me know and I will buy a copy from you. When I purchased this fastback, it was already in decent (average drivers quality) shape after sitting in dry storage for many years. I planned to have fun with it as is as a street and occasional track car. The car had zero rust other than some light surface rust on the doors; it was solid, solid, but needed work to be sweet, up to my minimum standards. Without going too overboard, I decided give the car a full top to bottom refresh that it deserved. While restoring the car we found that this car is stouter that first imagined, with all the R model chassis options from the reinforced and custom lengthened 9inch rear with built up gearing, the top loader 4 speed, quick ratio steering, disk brakes all around, konis, sub frame reinforcements, etc. It's newly built up 351 with GT40 heads is easily pushing over 400hp motor alone. The list goes on and on. The sound of this Mustang alone will bring music to your ears, goose bumps to your skin and tears of joy to your eyes. This car is simply a stunner to drive as it is to look at. It is perfectly tuned and it is completely at home cruising the streets. I had everything mechanical addressed so that this could be a fine reliable buttoned down street car, or road race car if someone wanted to track it (I think it is too nice now for that though). This is one of the stoutest and coolest looking first gen Mustangs that you will find. I will guarantee you that this car will garnish more attention and compliments than any Ferrari, Lamborghini or any other six figure muscle car out there.

For the cosmetics, I had it stripped, straightened and painted to show quality. Much time and effort (and money) was spent on body and paint. The widebody flares are yes, custom molded, but it is not your flimsy kit car or aftermarket type. It is 1/2 inch thick finished and is as strong as metal. Over 160 hrs were spent stripping to bare metal, sanding and blocking this car to get it as slick as possible. Multi stage paint was then applied. I also tracked down an ultra rare Secura FIV steering wheel (paid $1800) for an original look and feel for the interior. The undercarriage is clean and completely rust free. The floors are original with only a small 5inch section showing repair at some previous point. I mention these points only to illustrate how solid the car has always been and still is. Obviously a lot more was done to make the car what it is now.

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