Friday, June 11, 2010

Will The New Knight Rider See Sunny Days At The Rating Places And Reviewers

By: Kyle Newton

In 1982, David Hasselhoff was launched to stardom with the debut of the television series Knight Rider. Knight Rider was a story about a modern day Lone Ranger named Michael Knight who was formerly Officer Michael Long, until he was nearly killed in duty and resurrected by a group called FLAG (Foundation for the Law and Government).

FLAG was founded by billionaire Wilton Knight, who was a philanthropist and owner of Knight Industries. When Wilton Knight dies, Michael vows to continue his work.

Long had been shot in the face and needed reconstructive surgery, not just to improve his face, but to hide his old identity from the public. This was also used to explain why there were two different actors playing the same actor, because the pilot featured Larry Anderson as Knight, with David Hasselhoff replacing him.

For many, the actual star of the series was KITT, which stood for Knight Industries Two Thousand. KITT was a talking computer system that was attached to a Ford Firebird. KITT was popular due to the fact that he seemed to have his own personality. However, despite the show's popularity, it was cancelled after its fourth season.

There were three attempts to bring the series back after the cancellation. Two of which had Hasslehoff reprise his role as Michael Knight. However, no series was picked up and the third didn't have Hasselhoff at all. However, after the release of the 2007 Michael Bay film Transformers, NBC realized the potential that the series had once again. And so, production on an updated version of Knight Rider began, only it would not reboot the series, but instead be a sequel of sorts to the series.

The film is about Michael Traceur, the estranged son of Michael Knight who has been brought on by FLAG. Knight Rider will feature a new version of KITT as a brand new Ford Mustang. The film is set to serve as a backdoor pilot for a potential new series. KITT is to be voiced by Will Arnett, perhaps best known from Arrested Development and Blades of Glory.

The movie will have Justin Bruening as Michael Traceur and will feature the return of David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight. KITT is set to have updated features such as internet, GPS, self regeneration and damage repair. The television movie is set to debut February 17th on NBC.

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