Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why Ford Has Long Been A Popular Vintage Brand

By: Gregg Hall

Ford has and always will be the number one company to buy a vehicle from. Since I started driving all my friends have had Ford trucks and they have been as old as my cars if not older and my cars always tended to break and stop running before their old truck did. One of my friends had a Ford F-150 that was like a 1992 with 180,000 miles on it and he was still running it hard and strong until he traded it in for a newer ranger. The point is that Ford trucks and all other models last a long time and that is the way they are built to last a long time, built Ford tough. So if you wanted a vintage car and you thought they would break down on you then you just need to buy one to see for yourself.

Ford has been right behind if not two steps ahead of every other company that has been making cars since Ford has been. If Ford didn't make it then nobody made it because Ford was always the first one to come up with the main designs. Why do you think you see so many Fords on the roads today because it is the number one company and brand of vehicle preferred by most people in the United States? It is just the way the United States is Ford has been here for a long time and it is going to still be here for longer.

Ford didn't just keep producing cars one after another they kept up with everyone else and produced some of the world's best cars. Ford is used everywhere and it is the number one truck that will keep running. I just think Fords motors run a long time and there is something that they do to keep them that way that I wish I only knew.

Their good reputation has put them at peace with the public and you now see everyone driving either a Ford turbo diesel or you see them driving the Ford SUVs. You are always going to see someone driving a Ford.

There were a few other models that were made back in the 50s and 60s but none of them really hit it hard like the other models did. The other models that I am speaking of are just a few but I can only think of one right now and it's the Ford thunderbird. These were old and you will still see people driving them around today.

Another car that you will see everywhere is the Ford Mustang. Mustangs are everywhere and even though it doesn't like them at all they are still fast once they have about a 50 trim turbo on them. Mustangs are just another car that you are going to see everyday everywhere.

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