Thursday, April 2, 2009

1967 Ford Mustang

Title: 1967 Ford Mustang, Blue, classic, coupe

Mileage: 135,160 miles

Location: Colt, AR

It's a 1967 Mustang. This car is in pretty good condition. The interior is very good, other than slight sun damage on the top of the back seat. The paint job is very new; it's not even a year old. We've put quite a bit of work into this vehicle and we've treated it well, no one has smoked in it, no real stains. In the manual, the original owner kept record of everything he had done to it and at what milage it was done including oil and filter changes. We removed the radio/tape player because it was not the original.
The car has factory air and was one of the first Mustangs to have the air in the dash.

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