Sunday, April 19, 2009

1966 Ford Mustang

Title: 1966 mustang 289 tahoe tourquoise

Mileage: 0 miles

Location: Independence, KY

This is my 1966 mustang. I got this car about a year and a half ago from a friend.

Little history: My friend had car since early 80's. His daughter used it to go back and forth to school. Late 80's my friend decided to restore it. All sheetmetal was replaced with new, no bondo or patch work. Car has new fenders, doors, full quarters and floor pan. Everything was replaced with new if he even thought it needed it.

Exterior: The exterior was painted in base/clear and back to original color of tahoe tourquoise. The paint was put on in 1991 and still looks the same, again no bondo, rust, or cracks. The pics should speak for the body condition. I believe the hubcaps are original to car, my friend told me they came on it when he got it back in the 80's so he just put them back on, still in good driver condition.

Interior: The interior was completely replaced from carpet to headliner, front to back. The only thing the interior needs is a new package tray, not sure if they were offered back in the early 90's but that is only thing that I replace.

Engine/trans: Both also were rebuilt back in the 90's. The engine was rebuilt back to stock with only cam being changed. The 289 now has a 351 cam in it.

Car: Car runs good, pump the gas a few times and it starts right up. When I got it I changed the oil, antifreeze, belts, and plugs. Since the early 90's the car has probably only been out like 20 times and most all were to car shows. The car has been in a garage since the early 90's and hasnt been wet other then me washing it when I first got it. Car shows 50271 miles on it. I cant be sure but I would say it is really 150,271. Im not sure thats the original speedo head. The car since finished in early 90's has maybe 700 miles on it.

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