Thursday, December 11, 2008

2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Whipple Cobra

600 HP 2003 Mach 1 Mustang Supercharged Whipple Cobra

9,600 miles

St. Petersburg, FL

My 2003 Mach 1. was built from top to bottom - Whipple supercharged. All modifications have about then 2000 miles on them. The car is in excellent condition, with just over 9600 miles. I've looked at a lot of Mach 1s/Cobras and this car is the nicest looking, cleanest built car I have ever seen. It's different from your typical supercharged Mach 1 because I used the front accessory drive system designed for the Cobra, which means there are two seperate belts - one for most of the accessories and a seperate one for the supercharger drive. This is the way Ford designed it and it's proven to be very reliable on the 03/04 Cobras. It wasn't inexpensive to buy all of these new Cobra parts, then pay to get them powdercoated as well. This is the ultimate Mach 1. I know people say this all the time, but the car is very, very fast. It will run 10s at well over 130mph in the 1/4. If you want a car that does it all - this is it.
This car has everything that a Cobra would aspire to having. It was built with an aluminum teksid shortblock (strongest, lightest available) and a long list of other performance equipment (see below). Only the best parts were used. It starts up and idles perfectly due to the Ford GT supercar camshafts. It makes over 600hp to the wheels on 93 octane pump gas. You can take this car anywhere. The Maximum Motorsports suspension is firm but forgiving and has made this car the best handling car that I've ever owned. It uses an SCT Livewire tuner, which also displays everything about the car, including Boost and AFR via the wideband - This really covers any gauge you could want, all in one - but if you put this away, the interior is 100% stock. Only driven on weekends and sometimes in the evening, after work. Non-smoker. The car has normal street radials (new Pirelli). It's rare to find a car that is as fast as this one is - and still be able to turn with the best of them. This is how Ford should have made it. The upgraded parts alone cost over $20,000 in addition to the car itself.

Feel free to call me at 727-515-3311. If you are in the Tampa Bay, FL area, I would be happy to show you the car.

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