Sunday, December 28, 2008

1993 Mustang Hatchback LX

1993 Mustang Hatchback LX 5.0 5 speed

45,269 miles

Columbia, Tennessee

A really nice 1993 Mustang LX Hatchback Mustang. It is a Strawberry Red LX which is rare and a really unusually sharp car. This car was bought from a retired car salesman in Nashville who bought the car after it was wrecked. The car had quarter panel damage and a large fender dent and a couple small dents in the hood. He bought the salvage on the car from the insurance company and took the engine and transmission out an put them into a Cobra Kit car. I purchased another 90 LX 5.0 body to get the quarter panel and had it professionally removed and put onto the 93 Strawberry car . I bought the other car for 900.00 for the quarter panel . Paid to have it removed and paid over $1,000.00 to have it put on. The man who put it on was Steve Honnel. One of the best body restorers in the country and has known Famed cars for show. We replaced the passenger fender and repaired the hood and the car is flawless. We rebuilt a 93- 5.0 engine and rebuilt a transmission out of a state trooper car and installed them in the car. Everything is original under the hood just the way it came from the factory. The transmission shifts like a showroom car. This car has not one rattle or squeek. It drives just like a brand new car. It has newer tires and 5 spoke -4 lug wheels that are original and a new paint job. I have over 3000.00 in the quarter and fender and hood repairs. the paint job and about 3000.00 in the new engine and transmission. The previous owner put on the title that the car had 150,000 + miles and that it exceeded mechanical limits. That was not true, the interior and dash and car as a whole shows no wear. It drives far to good to have no more miles than the speedometer shows.I don't think there is a nicer LX in the country. This car is a perfect example of a car with original cats and emissions on it. It is a dream car and as for the body work, there could not have been a better job on it. No body filler. He used lead at the factory seams and metal finished the quarter back in to the original position the damaged one came off from and seam sealed everything. I think you can see in the pictures what you are getting. The original tail pipes and under the hood and interior. the car is like new. I will stand behind that statement. The car is a strong runner too. The mileage is original.


Andy & Jaime said...

Something smells shady with this piecemeal Frankenstein car. I smell odometer fraud. Anyone can replace a dash and interior to make a car look fresh. If the title says 150,000+ miles, it's probably true, especially on a 93 stang. Face it, you spent way too much money piecing together a car that is barely worth anything to begin with.

Bhoneycutt said...

how much are you asking for this car the strawberry mustang?