Sunday, December 28, 2008



100,000 miles


This is a beautiful TROPHY winning car. It is a 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback with GT options. It is a rust free California car and has never been left outside in the weather or stored near the beach etc. It is a factory A code car [289 4V] with the original factory Kelsey Hayes disc brakes, 4 speed transmission and brand new Styled Steel wheels. The body is laser straight with no waves or ripples, it was block sanded to take out any factory waves. Even the rear quarter extensions and headlite doors were hand fitted and worked to match the quarters, fenders and hood etc. You can easily see this in the side photo of the headlite door. Notice how it perfectly matches not only the fender, it also matches the curve of the hood. You can look at all the other "show quality" Mustangs and you will never, ever see these parts match as well as they do on this car. This is one of the areas that are never addressed during a paint job because it is very time consuming and therefore very expensive to do. It also takes a very good body person to do it. The paint is high quality 2 stage PPG with lots of clear coat and it was color sanded to a show quality shine. It is a beautiful Saphire blue that glows like fire in the sun. All the weatherstrip and exterior chrome was removed and replaced with new parts. The motor doesn't smoke, it is balanced so it runs as smooth as new. There is no ring or pinion noise in the differential and the brakes and suspension are xlnt. The interior is xlnt and the engine compartment is detailed for shows. The car never runs hot even on a hot California day. It runs and drives xlnt and gets a lot of attention at local shows or where ever else it goes.

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