Friday, December 12, 2008

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Title: Boss 302 Shaker

Mileage: 93,000 miles
Location: LAX

>>>When the Boss 302 came out for 1969, Hot Rod magazine said it was "definitely the best-handling car Ford has ever built." Motor Trend called it "the word of our time...good, only better, fuller, rounder, and more intense." The street version of Ford's Trans Am racer was available to the public for less than $3,400-that's reasonable at only $800 more than a base six-cylinder Mustang coupe.
For that extra money, a '70 Boss 302 buyer received a G-code 302 with Cleveland heads, large canted valves, a forged-steel crankshaft and connecting rods, a high-rise aluminum intake manifold, a 780-cfm Holley carburetor, and a dual-point distributor that put out an advertised yet understated 290 hp. Two manual four-speeds were available: a wide-ratio box for the strip and close-ratio gearing for the road course.
The front suspension received 350-pound high-rate springs, heavy-duty shock absorbers, and a stabilizer bar. The Hotchkiss-type rear had 150-pound leaf springs and a staggered shock arrangement with a stabilizer bar. Front disc brakes were mandatory, and steering was a quick 16:1. Standard F60x15 tires were mounted on 15x7-inch wheels with flat "corporate" hubcaps, although many Boss 302s received the optional Magnum 500s. Space-saver spares, labeled 7.35, were standard issue.
Ford designer Larry Shinoda left his mark on the '70 Boss 302 body with its black-striped hood (paint in the center and tape stripes on the outside), chin spoiler, black tail lamp bezels and panel, color-keyed dual racing mirrors, and blacked-out deck lid. Reflective "hockey stick" tape striping incorporated "Boss 302" callouts on the fenders. A Shaker hoodscoop, Sport Slats, and a rear wing were optional.
The Boss 302 engine is a racing small-block V8 from Ford Motor Company. It was a hybrid of two small-block Ford V8s - It used the block of the small Ford Windsor engine and the heads of the larger Ford Cleveland engine. It was created for the SCCA's Trans-Am road racing series, and was fitted to the Boss 302 Mustang.
The high nickel content block has a thicker deck, cylinder walls and beefy 4-bolt main caps. It is easily identified by screw in freeze plugs on the side of the block, pent roof valve covers, very wide heads and a very wide intake manifold. The connecting rods are heavy, high strength steel forgings made for high rpm use. The crankshaft is a cross drilled high strength steel forging. The cam and lifters are high lift solid mechanical units.
The unique, wide, large port Cleveland style 4V heads with poly angle, semi-hemi style valve placement are what give the Boss 302 its unique high power capabilities. Early units were typically characterized by very large intake and exhaust valves sitting in a small quench style combustion chamber. Huge intake ports made certain that the engine only "woke up" above 4000 rpm, while at low RPM the Boss 302 motor ran very sluggishly. At racing speed the engine's performance was quite remarkable.
This Ford Boss 302 Mustang Shaker is Painted in eye popping Grabber Green. Its seen a Ground up restoration with orginality as its theme.While not out of the factory, showroom original its been painstakenly brought back to its glorie days of the 1970 Mustang Muscle Run. Original Motor , Headers, Traney,and rearend have all been restored to near factory specs. Its tight , solid and starts on a dime. An eye catcher down any highway or show. The Marti Report shows original build sheet and option specs right down to dates times and places. It drives and steers perfect with its Power assist Steering Option and Close Ratio 4 Speed Trans. The motor has a unique sound as a result of its solid lifter configuration. At idle, properly tuned, the engine has a great deal of 'rumble and shakes with idle RPM as it should, hence “The Shaker” as its often refered to. The Grabber Green paint show well and the interior is like near new.In the trunk we have the correct space saver tire. jack and tools all clean dry and show ready.The original Marti Report has it as green with green interior now changed out to Grabber Green and black and a much better look.. Restoration included correct stickers , battery, radio,wiring,any and all rust. Correct Tires, Wheels Chrome trim etc. all like new condition While the cost of the Boss 302 s continues to rise the cost to find one and restore it to original is becoming restrickted as parts and cars dwindle. The Boss cars of 1969 and 1970 may soon surpass The Shelby as Ford`s crowning Muscle Car achievment. Additional pictures, Marti Report and information
The Grabber Green Boss has been in Hawaii since June 08 and is not a Hawaii car We will ship to West coast only at no charge with this price. If it does not sell here it will be put back in its storage located in Ca. until the following 09 car show season. Its been in Hawaii for the Summer Show circut and has been the hit at each and everyone.It recently beat out a 1969 Cobra Jet with a build value of 95 k.

Numbers matching original 302cid V8
Numbers matching original close ratio 4-speed manual transmission
Original 3.50 Traction-Lok differential
BA Black Rhino/Corinthian Vinyl bucket seats
Shaker hood scoop
Sport slats
Am Radio
Magnum 500 Chrome wheels
Tachometer works perfect as do all the gauges lights etc.
Space saver spare tire
Quick ratio steering
Competition suspension with staggered rear shocks
Functional front and rear spoilers
Correct (non-date code) carburetor
Correct (non-date code) distributor
Correct Rev limiter not hooked up
Correct DOZE E1 FoMoCo radiator
Correct Hurst T Shifter
And too much more to inventory here.
Additional add on s
Center concel
Ipod/Mp3 Hidden player

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