Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1965 Mustang, Restored

1965 Mustang, Restored and FUN to drive!

86,200 miles

Central, OH

A RESTORED 1965 mustang coupe that has always turned heads and been a lot of FUN to drive!
This is a 6-cylinder 200 cid engine, with great power! I just flushed the engine, installed a new water pump, pipe, and hose assemblies. This car is fun to drive and my wife has enjoyed taking this car to area shows and to work as well. All of the gauges work, and the 4-speed standard transmission really moves the American Racing Wheels that were installed on this car. There is also a matching 5th wheel in the trunk, with a matching tire as well. The brakes are good, the tread is about 90% still. The under carriage is great, as you can see in the pics, a good restore. The only paint stripping I can see is in the trunk area, on the floor board, which still shows the fresh metal under the clothe trunk cover.
I can't say enough about this car, a blast to ride and to build memories on. This car does have an AM/FM cassette player, with speakers in the back for you to enjoy for long rides. This car has always been garaged, and is only driven on days that show no signs of rain. There is nothing wrong with the car that I can find. I maintenance all of our cars, and live by the rule that if you want it done right, you do it yourself. This car has been well taken car of. I wouldn't be afraid to drive this anywhere, as I have. This car hasn’t overheated, doesn’t eat oil, and cleans up real nice after every wash. With the metallic orange paint scheme, this really shines in the sun. The exhaust may be a single pipe, but sounds good.

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