Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1973 Ford Mustang Convertible

This Mustang convertible has every feature put on the Mach 1 for 1973 including deluxe gauges, rear spoiler, hood scoops, hood locks, stripe, rim blow steering wheel and center console. I added fuel a fuel injected newer V8 5.0. High Output motor for better power and better mileage. Also I changed the radio for a newer larger Ford one with a CD and lots of buttons. All the parts that usually show wear in older cars have been changed like the window seals, the door and trunk seals, rear light seals, etc. I also replaced the grill in the front, the instruments, the radiator and air conditioning coil and major parts. I completely replaced the suspension, brakes and got fancy tires which have almost no wear. I changed the door panels, the carpets, the top and the soft dash board cover thing and the upholstery. Tons of other stuff is new too, but I can't remember it all. It is a California and Arizona car. Probably never driven over salted Northern roads. It has a couple problems: 1. The tachometer is not accurate. 2. There is a small tear in the new driver's seat. I'm 65 now and like taking it places but my wife won't go in it. She likes her new car, so I just drive it to work a couple times a month. (I drive through the mountains both ways and have a great time. It is responsive and fun to drive. Everyone looks!

For questions, call me at 619-478-5478, M-F. David

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