Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1965 Ford Mustang

Engine: The enging is a 347 cubic inch ford stroker motor. The short block came from ford motorsports, featuring a decked block, .060
over forged flatt top pistons, steel rods, balanced, and clearenced. It has a bullet solid roller cam, roller rockers, and chrome molly
push rods. It has canfield aluminum heads with a parker funnel ram intake. It has an 850 holley double pumper.

Transmission: It has a ford top loader four speed that has been freshly overhauled. It has a new Luk clutch, pressure plate, and throw out

Rear-End: The rear-end is a complete 9" ford from mosser. It has 3.90 gears, locker carrier, 35 spline axles, and new drum brake

Extras: The ignition is a MSD 7al-2 box with a MSD distributer, and MSD wires. It has big tube headers with 2 1/2 exhaust , dynomax
mufflers. Hurst competition plus shifter. Frame connectors, traction bars, newly overhauled frontend (ball joints, tie rod ends ect.)
The hood was replaced with the fiberglass GT hood. It has an extra set of rear tires and wheels for the track (hoosier quick time
pros that are on the car in the picture) It also has two more wheels and tires that match whats on the front that are not pictured.
The paint is fair and is an older paint job. There is some cracking and paint chips gone from the body. The vinyl top is in excellent
shape. Not advertising this car as a show car, but the car attracts alot of attention and conversations at the tack. The car is clean
but the car does leave very hard and runs hard (see performance). Also the car does have a new ralley pack that is not hooked
up due to the MSD, it also has a MSD shift light.

Performance: This car is driven and the street, but more so on the track. This past year this car was used as a back up car to the number 1 and 2
points holders at the local track here. The car usually sixty foots in the 1.70s, 7.80s in the eighth, and 12.20s in the quarter consisently.
The fastest times were 1.68 60ft. 7.68 1/8th and 11.87 1/4 mile.

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