Sunday, September 28, 2008

1968 Ford Shelby GT 350 Mustang

Up for auction , 1968 Ford Shelby Mustang GT 350 Vintage Hertz Rent A Racer?

From the Legendary Mustang Ranch in Golden, Colorado.

The Shelby Registry says about #01092, Hertz car, Shipped to George Busby Ford Inc Nashville, TN 2-9-68 For pre delivery prep for Hertz. Present owner unknown. I had purchased the car in 2001 from the owner in Compton, CA. He had the car covered up and chained to the house because someone had tried to steal it. He was in the process of restoring the car. All of the front / rear suspension, brakes, headliner and windshild seals were rebuilt or replaced. The car when he got it already had the lowered Shelby upper control arm conversion and rear end drop with traction bars. He was told the car was road raced and had an electrical fire. I have noticed that the harness had been repaired or replaced with another used harness not after market. Some one has swaped out the tilt / swing away steering for a straight solid shaft with a manual steering control arm and 67 steering wheel. The 9 inch 31 spline rear end, disc brakes and big sway bar are there. I rebuilt the non numbers matching 302 engine with the componants I was given with the car. 12:1 pistons and a performance camshaft. Some one had already swaped the pedels out for a 4 speed so that is what I put back in it. I used good quality parts on the rebuild but I do not have an engine build sheet, "sorry". The car runs and drives but there is no exhaust system other than the headers. It has its origional floor pans, torque boxes, quarter panels, frame rails and engine bay sheet metal. How ever the front radiator support has been replaced. There are no signs of heavy colision to this car so some one can continue in turning it into a road racer or back on the street, your choice. There are no wholes or removed welded areas where you see somtimes on a race car things added or removed. It is realy hard to tell what track time if any this car has.There is verry little rust in the toe kick area on the drivers floor pan and some misolamious spots on the car but nothing catistrophic. All of the fasback fiberglass and trim is there. There are boxes of misolanious parts that belong to the car and a pair of 67 bucket seats.

The fender flairs you see are of the old tooling. When you look at them you can tell that some one had the proper tools and talent to add them to the car. The hood has been swaped out at one time or another because it is off of a KR it has the inside air directional scoupe for the ram air air cleaner. There is no guarentee or warrenty of what the car has or dose not have, or what the car is or is not, you decide. There is no title so you will need to go to Broadway title or another titling co. I will give a bill of sale.

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