Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1967 Ford Mustang, TurboCoupe

Title: 1967 Mustang, TurboCoupe

Mileage: 0 miles

Location: Johnson Creek, WI

This is a beautiful, restored Mustang. The car is a 1967 Coupe, Acapulco Blue with black interior. The car has a 2.3 liter engine from a 1987 Turbo Coupe. The rearend is the factory Thunderbird posi unit with 3.50 gears. The car is unbelievable. 0-70 in 4 seconds, 21 MPG. The origional Mustang C4 with the insides from a big block van tranny. The big servo and a 2200 stall converter. Engine, transmission are both rebuilt, only the best parts. New stuff everywhere. No strange sounds, no vibration, just get in and go.
It looks completely stock, You can drive around and you would think you are driving your dads old gas saver, unless you step to far down on the gas. This car begs to be driven, you want to get in it and just drive. Drives very nice, not loud or clunky. The suspension is taunt and it handles very nice.
The trunk is also detailed with wood filler in the fender wells and trunk liner over everything, matching tire cover, trunk is complete with spare tire and origional attachment hardware with origional ratchet style lug wrench (OEM). Wiper blades are OEM, great attention to detail on this one.
The engine is running 18 lbs of boost and can go much higher if you want. The car (Mustang) is 2400 lbs and the donor car (Thunderbird) was 3600 lbs, you do the math. A very special car for someone who wants to buy it. The car is professionally done, no patch mill or duct tape, very nice.
All research was done the car has all the tricks to get the best performance. Best LA2 computer, brown injectors, ported and polished head, matched intake and exhaust. The best exhaust manifold. All the right parts in one package.
Frame stiffners, underrider traction bars, all new suspension components,Polyurethane bushings everywhere, 1" front stabilizer, 1/2" rear stabilizer, KYB shocks, everything new!!!!!!! The inside is as nice as the outside, Kenwood stereo "System" center console, new door and window cranks, new door panels, new dash, new head liner, new wood grain steering wheel, new dash chrome and clear pieces, new carpet, running ponies floor matts, new door jam/sill, new drip rail stainless, glass is great no bullseyes. New floor pans complete long style, new gas tank, new tail light panel, all new chrome, I can go on and on. This is a very nice car, you wont be disappointed. New sheet metal where needed, Basecoat/ clearcoat paint. Factory color, Everything was taken apart and painted off the car, installed and then the car was painted. Brake backing plates, drums, springs, all painted or cold galvanized and clearcoated.
Buyer pays all shipping cost. Local pick-up only or buyers to pay shipping or delivery cost. If you want to see more pictures let me know. Clear title, this car was from Mississippi, never saw snow or salt. This is a one owner car.

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