Monday, January 26, 2009

1966 Mustang Fastback GT

Title: 1966 Mustang Fastback Factory GT
Mileage: 124,319 miles
Location: Mission Viejo, CA

I’ve done my homework and this is a genuine FACTORY GT!

All the numbers are matching on this car.

Buck Tag (driver side fender under hood) says P10 (Factory GT)

VIN # 6T09A271878

Steering Box # HCG AW

Rear End # 3.00 6EA 931 (WCZ-F)

Engine Block # 6D20 C5AE-6015E
6D20 – Engine manufactured (cast) April 20, 1966

C5AE – 1965 Ford Galaxie casting (used in most models)

6015E – 289ci cast in Detroit, Michigan or Windsor, Canada

Door Plate # 63B R 66 O1G 13 I 6
Body: 63B - Fastback
Color: R – Ivy Green Metallic
Interior: 66 – Black Luxury Interior
Date: 01G – July 1, 1966
D.S.O: 13 – New York
Axle: I - 3:00-1, Limited-Slip
Trans: 6 - C4 Automatic

I purchased this car from Georgia. My first fear was that it would have rust. After flying back east and inspecting the car, I found NO RUST! It was owned by a guy who had a professional mechanic rebuild the engine to blueprint specs. I had it shipped to California as a project car in hopes of making it a great daily driver. Too many cars and projects kept me from completing this one. This car has excellent paint, all the windows are clear, and the frame is super clean and straight.

After getting the car home, I totally took the lower end apart and replaced it with:

NEW parts

8” limited slip differential with rear axle bearings & seals

Driveshaft (balanced) w/new “U” joints

1” drop front competition springs

Lower and upper A frames

Steering damper and tie rods

Front discs and rear drums

Fuel tank

Lower fuel and brake lines

Fuel pump

Complete rear exhaust system

All the dirty work is done! I’ve cleaned all the usable parts and all I need to do is assemble the rest of this GT. This car will be a beautiful street car! It will run true and steer perfectly.

The motor just needs to be “plumbed”

Interior has new carpets and new headliner

There’s still some work to do, but this is a solid investment

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