Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 Ford Mustang GT rousch

2008 Ford Mustang GT Rousch

5 miles

Clinton, IL

The 510 horsepower P-51B Mustang will be it’s most exclusive Mustang yet with only 51 models being produced. The Roush P-51B will only be available in coupe form with a 5-speed manual transmission and Vapor Silver paint. The P-51B will be very similar to the P-51A with changes like black chrome wheels, P-51B badges, painted graphics instead of vinyl, Secondary Sheave FEAD (another accessory drive), 6-piston front calipers, P-51B embroidered seats and mats, Cooper RS3 performance tires and more. After the jump check out the full list of goodies the P-51B has to offer.

The P-51B Mustang will get the ROUSHcharged P-51 4.6L powertrain system (Additional components include TVS Technology ROUSHcharger, intake manifolds, intercooler & radiator, cold air induction system, Secondary Sheave FEAD, Forged Aluminum Pistons, Forged Steel H-Beam Connecting Rods, Forged Steel Crankshaft, Unique high flow fuel injectors (~52lb/hr), Unique fuel rail, Dual 60mm electronic throttle body, Upgraded Fuel system, aluminum Flywheel, Upgraded Clutch, and ROUSH® calibrated ECM).

ROUSH P-51B Includes:

510 horsepower / 510l b-ft of torque
ROUSH Radiator Cooling Shields
ROUSH High Flow Front Grille with P-51B Grille Badge
ROUSH Six-Piece Aerobody Kit (Vapor Front Fascia, Silver Front Chin Spoiler, Silver Hood Scoop, Silver
Rear Wing and Vapor Rear Quarter Window Louvers)
Lower Valance Fog Lamps
ROUSH P-51B Painted Hood Stripe and 510 HP Graphics
ROUSH Front Windshield Banner and ROUSHCHARGED Hood Scoop decals
ROUSH P-51B Fender Badges, P-51B Rear Decklid Badge and Vinyl Black Out
ROUSH 18-Inch Forged Black Chrome Wheels with Cooper RS3 Ultra-High Performance Tires and Locking Lug Nuts
ROUSH Trak Pak Brake Kit with 14-Inch Two-Piece Slotted Front Rotors, 6-Piston Front Calipers, 11.8-Inch Slotted Rear Rotors and Red Rear Calipers
ROUSH Stage 3 Suspension System (includes: Front Struts, Rear Shocks, Front and Rear Springs,
Front Sway Bar and Rear Sway Bar, and Jounce Bumpers)
ROUSH Wheel Hop Reduction Kit
ROUSH Short Throw Shifter with Retro Shift Lever with P-51B Shifter Ball
ROUSH P-51B Sport Leather Seating with Suede Inserts
ROUSH Four-Piece Performance Pedal Kit (Accelerator, Brake, Clutch and Dead Pedal)
ROUSH White Face Electro Luminescent Gauge Cluster
ROUSH Vent Pod with Boost Gauge
ROUSH P-51B Embroidered Floor Mats
ROUSH P-51B Serialized Badge and P-51 Signature Badge
ROUSH Billet Underhood Radiator and Oil Caps
ROUSH Door Sill Plates
ROUSH Carbon Fiber Interior Dash Trim with P-51B Dash Badge
Silver Front Chin Spoiler (P-51A was Vapor)
1 of 51 built
Available as Coupe w/5-speed manual in Vapor Silver only

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