Saturday, November 22, 2008

1990 Ford Mustang GT

A 90 mustang 5.0 with the origional 302 in it. lots of mods including subframe, traction bars, rebuilt tranny, nitros injection, complete bottom end. i used this car for work for the past few years. it has some rust and could use new carpet on the interior. other than that everything is in good shape. i have also included an 83 mustang LX that will come with the car. its a good running four banger with 77,000 origional miles and still smells new. i was gonna build an LX into a saleen clone using alot of my mustang parts but things came up.
This car has a lot of time and alot more money in it than im asking. i guarantee you wont find one this cheap. and i myself am only selling it because of past due mortgages. you will be happy with your buy. here are a list of mods i can think of; car also ran 12.90s on motor, never had the guts or a chance to use the nitros. produced 370 rwhp on motor.
forged flat top pistons
GT-40 ported and polished cylinder heads
e303 cam and lifters
msd ignition kit
80 shot direct port nitros injection(yet to be used)
traction bars
dual flowmaster exhaust
3;73 gears in the rear end
8.8 rear end
rocker rollers
gear timing drive
bbk cold air intake

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