Saturday, November 29, 2008

1987 Ford Mustang SUPERCHARGED

A 1987 ford mustang gt. let me tell u first off this car is fast i dont recamend it for a kids first car.if u dont want the supercharger i will take off $1,000. im not really wanting to sell this car but im looking into getting a lightning and my ins. will be unafordable.i would trust this car to drive anywhere, i drove it for a daily tell the gas prices made me cry so i bought a 30+ mpg car and i only drive the mustang on nice weekends.this car gets about 9 mpg. this car is in 89% shape it needs the roof painted just a little faided didnt bother me though and passinger rear quarter repaired as seen in the pic. and some tcl cleaning inside that i might do before also needs a heater core put in about a $100 dollar part and about $200 for someone to put it in. the gas guage doesnt work it needs a new sending unit in the tank not a big deal.i have always went off the tripomiter. the motor is a jasper rebuild .30 over (306) i run royal purple senthetic oil. it has b 303 motorsport cam, 1.7 crain roller rockers, new 19# motorsport inj. , mac 1-3/4 in ceramic coat heders, paxton blower with 7 # pully. this car was a aod car i changed it over to a t-5 (5 -speed ) about a yr ago . i also changed it over to 5 lug it has the moser 31 splin axles and 4:10 gears.i put all new guages in on the pods shown in the pic i put in a voltage,oil,engine temp,boost,fuel presser,,and the tach. including also the cd player it plays ipods and usb card, 2-10 kicker xpl's the stereo is loud. i had the windows retinted about 3 months ago to 4%.

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