Sunday, November 23, 2008

1984 Mustang GT Convertible

1984 GT Mustang Convertible 5.0 HO
I recently bought this car to use the drive train but have since found a wrecked 5.0 and now I am selling this one.
I have driven it about 400 miles and have found no problems other that I have to replace the ignition switch because I found it was bad.
The car drives and handles great. I have found no major rust I see some surface rust in a few spots and a spot on the trunk lid near the key lock.
Under hood is fine and the doors are ok.
The interior is good other than being a little dirty which i will be cleaning now that I am selling it
The dash has a couple very small cracks that I had to look for to find

It has a new high output fuel pump, a new clutch, and also what is listed below is new as well. THe Motor is stock other than a small cam that sounds great a idle.
The Motor is out of a 86 5.0 Ho from a Mustang GT
and as you see fuel injected it has 88,000 miles on it
The top has a broken latch but I have a new one that go's with it

new top, door weather striping, tires, radiator, alternator, power steering rack, end links, brakes, and shocks. has 8.8 rear with 3.73's, b&m ripper shifter. Headers, dual flowmasters, h pipe w/out cats( also have one with cats) NEW PA STATE INSPECTION

Paint is for the most part faded a couple glossy spots remain. It looks like it for buff out for a fair shine but should have new paint.
The car needs a little TLC to be a real nice car.

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